“Books are a uniquely portable magic- Stephen King

Topics for Panel Discussions

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Open to Public Event - The main day of the festival will bring children’s literature into active discourse in a forum meant exclusively for the experience of its range, depth, problems, and new directions.

The highlights of the day include :

How to avoid marginalizing certain communities in children’s literature? - Looking at stereotypes of gender / class / caste / religion in children’s literature.

Protection versus Preparation – How do we transition and guide children as they start reading challenging and serious themes?

Foundational Stories – Importance of finding fresh ways to retell and adapt mythology and fairy tales

Shape-Shifting - How migration, prejudice, stereotypes can transform identity?

Mirrors, Windows and Doors – Characters and the stories they tell reflect our own selves / experiences (mirrors), offer a view of the world outside our own selves / experiences (windows), and an imaginary door through which a reader can walk through and immense herself in the world created by the author (doors).

Unspoken - The power of visual storytelling across picture books (wordless and with) and graphic novels

Knock-Knock – Humour is more than just slapstick. How / Why authors use humour in their stories – for the sake of comedy but also to lighten the load of the serious themes they are exploring.

Regional Stories – Folk stories from around the world.

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